What is Weld on Carbide Teeth in A Nutshell?

What is Weld on Carbide Teeth in A Nutshell?

What is Weld on Carbide Teeth in A Nutshell?

Weld on carbide teeth or weldable tungsten carbide is two terms that are interchangeably used in the drilling industry. Unlike the common machine teeth, these types of teeth are special in the way they are used and structure. They are also extremely powerful types of teeth that are used in drilling tough conditions.

Unlike the common teeth, weld on carbide teeth is unique especially when it comes to the joining of the tip and the body. While most the rest of the teeth and bits uses braze technology in the joining the carbide tip and the steel body. Therefore, the welding tungsten carbide may or may not be true welding depending on the approach that the manufacturer has taken. In most cases, tungsten carbide parts that have special surface enhancement are used. Note that tungsten carbide material that has a larger amount of surface cobalt can be induction ‘welded’ easily and reliably.

How is the Joint Formed?

Just like the rest of teeth, weld on carbide teeth is made of two parts- steel body and the tungsten carbide. Since the construction does not make use of the braze alloy to join the two parts, they use differences in melting heat to create the joint. Since the steel heats faster than tungsten carbide, it is possible to make a joint by melting the two metals.  when heated, the steel flows onto and around the tungsten carbide part and thus forming a very strong joint.

Why are Weld-on Carbide Teeth Popular?

There are numerous benefits that make these teeth popular with operators. First is these teeth are extremely powerful for tough conditions.  These types of teeth are best used for the most of the drilling works where they are attached to various attachments such the core barrel and drilling buckets. Due to their size and nature the joint, they can withstand tough conditions without breaking.

The second reason why these teeth are popular is their cheaper cost. The fact that these teeth do not use braze welding technology makes them a little bit cheaper compared to other teeth. Note that braze technology is expensive that why bits/teeth can a little bit expensive.

So if you are looking for inexpensive carbide-tipped teeth, then weld on carbide teeth is the best option for you. They will give value for money and enjoy the services for an extended period of time.

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