Useful Tips for Selecting Rock Auger Teeth

Useful Tips for Selecting Rock Auger Teeth

Useful Tips for Selecting Rock Auger Teeth

When it comes to drilling work, the need for highly effective rock auger teeth cannot be under-emphasized. Rock auger teeth are specially designed to handle hard or demanding drilling conditions. However, the condition matters depending on the kind of drilling that is being done. Note pole drilling may not be the same as foundation drilling. But due to the versatility of the drilling conditions, it is essential to ensure that you’ve invested in auger teeth that can be used on wide range conditions.

When it comes to selecting teeth for your rock auger attachment, there are just a few things that you need to consider. These are basically factors that can improve the performance and productivity of your drilling machine. Check out the following tips:

Buy From Reputable Manufacturer

It is always recommended that you buy from a reputable manufacturer since the authenticity of the rock auger teeth is critical. There are numerous manufacturers in the market, and not everyone is selling quality teeth. Therefore, make sure that you’ve done thorough research to get a reputable manufacturer. That will help you to avoid losing money to counterfeit or fake products.

Material Quality

After you’ve gotten a reputable manufacturer, it is recommended that you select the right material used for the construction of the teeth. Rock auger teeth come from different materials depending on the conditions they are used in. Note that the quality of the teeth is gotten from the quality of the material used.  If you are doing foundation drilling, the quality of the material should be different from that of the poling auger teeth. The most recommended material for lock auger teeth is the highest grade of carbide for the tip and forged steel or alloys of steel for the body. There are material that can withstand wear and abrasion associated with rocky conditions.

The joint

The type joint securing the carbide tip on the teeth is also an essential factor to consider. Depending on the condition you are working in, rock auger joint should be able to withstand heat and pressure it is exposed to. Failure to that, you will have a problem with teeth breaking so often.

Teeth versatility            

Rocky drilling is extremely versatile since there various types of rocks. There are extremely tough rocks and relatively touch rock or compact soil. If you are to invest in rock auger teeth, then make sure that they can deliver in all these conditions. That is what teeth versatility is all about.

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