Tips for Choosing Fecon Mulching Head

Tips for Choosing Fecon Mulching Head

Tips for Choosing Fecon Mulching Head

For proper mulching, you must have the right mulching head. The term ‘right’ is relative, and there are a number factors that to consider while defining it in this context. Note that mulcher head is the largest single tool in a mulcher that also holds cutting teeth. Its quality matters a lot if the machine is to operate at peak performance. So if you want to buy a Fecon mulching head, what should you look out for? Well, this article will discuss essential factors that you need to look for in a mulcher attachment. Here are tips for buying a Fecon mulching head:

Refurbished/New Mulcher Head

These are two good options to choose from.  If you don’t have a budget, then a refurbished option type is a perfect choice. Unlike the second-hand heads, refurbished mulching heads are renewed by replacing all the faulty and old wear parts. Such replacements include the teeth holders and cutting teeth. Although these mulching heads are lesser in quality compared to the brand new, they are of better quality. But if you have the budget, there are numerous types of Fecon forestry mulcher for sale to choose from. But ensure that you have selected an attachment that will work efficiently.

Size of the Mulcher Head

If you already have a tractor or the skid steer, then you need to have the actual size that fits into it. Do not make a mistake of going shopping without the correct measurements. If you are conversant with the technical aspect of the equipment, ask for expert help. The kind of work will also determine the size of mulcher head. If you are to mulch brushes, thick foliage and tree limbs, then you will need a power mulching head. Such factors will also determine the size of the teeth fitted on the head.

Quality of the teeth

You may have the best attachment but miss out on the quality teeth. Note that there are numerous types of Fecon mulcher teeth. Most of the new buyers usually fail to find out the kind of the teeth fitted on the attachment.  Tungsten carbide is the best material for Fecon teeth. The material makes exceptionally sharp, hard and wears resistant teeth that will last for long.  If the attachment is already fitted with carbide, it’s important to check the condition, especially for refurbished mulcher. Although there are numerous types of Fecon teeth for sale, buy a  fully renewed head.

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