Tips for Choosing FAE Mulcher Vehicle

Tips for Choosing FAE Mulcher Vehicle

Tips for Choosing FAE Mulcher Vehicle

While working with FAE mulchers, there are different choices of vehicles you choose for attachment is crucial. But selecting the right depends on various factors. First is the type of job that you intend to do with the machine. Second is the nature of the land where the intended work is. There are three main types of FAE vehicles that you can choose from – skid steers, excavator, and tracked vehicles. For the newbies, choosing between the available can be a little bit tricky. In this article, we are going to discuss these three types of vehicles and where they excel most.

FAE Skid Steer

Skid steers are most popular with simple tasks such as clearing weed and grass around your compound. In most cases, they skid steers excels most as low horsepower machines.  So if you are a starter and your primary purpose is to mulch grass and weeds around your place, this would be a perfect choice. These vehicles are also popular with clearing fields such as golf courses, forest paths, and green urban areas. But there are special skid steer vehicles with high horsepower that can work well in clearing thick foliage. Such skid steers are exceptionally great for clearing dense foliage such as tree limbs. They can also support a vast range of FAE mulcher heads.

FAE Tractor Mulcher

FAE tractor driven mulchers are commonly by many as known as the PTO driven mulcher. They are mostly popular in the agricultural sector where they are mostly used in land preparation. One thing that makes FAE tractor driven mulcher popular is their ease of use. You just need to hitch a Fae mulcher head to the tractor, and you are ready to start with clearing activities. These mulchers are also very powerful compared to their skid steer counterparts. These mulchers are also extremely versatile in that they support different sizes of FAE mulcher heads. These vehicles are popular with farmers due to their versatility.

Excavator Vehicles

Well, this is another vehicle that is popular with commercial contractors. Although they are not as popular as the tractor and skid steer, they are the best choice for special cases.  Due to their flexibility, they excel extreme well in conditions such as steep areas. Excavators are also great for clearing thick foliage and mostly clearing tick forests for construction work. FAE excavators are also extremely vast in that they can support different sizes of FAE forestry mulchers.

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