The Most Common foundation drilling tools

The Most Common foundation drilling tools

The Most Common foundation drilling tools

Foundation drilling considered as one of the toughest drilling works. Unlike pole drilling, this form of drilling involves extensively deep drilling which may include rocky soils. That is why foundation drilling tools are different due to the harsh conditions that they are exposed to. But which are the main drilling tools? Well depending on the condition of the soil condition. Here are some of the common drilling tools on any foundation site.

Drilling Bits/Tools

Drilling bits or drilling teeth are the most common types of foundation drilling tools at any foundation site. These are the main cutting parts and they do the actual drilling work. However, drilling bits vary in quality and more so the material used for their construction. However, carbide and steel material the most preferred type of material. These are the material that can offer high resistance to wear and thus high preferred for rocky conditions. It is also important to note that drilling bits differ with the tools that they are fitted on.


Auger is a must have a tool in any drilling work. These are screw designed drilling tools that are attached to the prime mover to do the actual drilling work. In most of the drilling sites, augers are the key tools that do most of the work unless the conditions are unique. It is also important to note that augers are fitted with auger teeth at the edge to drill through the soil. However, for most of the foundation drilling, the auger is complemented with other tools. It is also important to note that there are different types of augers depending on the conditions they can work on. For the foundation drilling, rock augers are the best option of foundation drilling tools.

Core Barrels

These are some of the rarely used but very crucial tools at any foundation drilling site. In some conditions, it is very difficult to use the common to use the common auger for drilling. This is usually when the soil becomes too loose and thus making it difficult to have a perfect hole. In such conditions, you need a core barrel to do the work. They are designed in the form of a bucket with teeth placed at the edge. They drill the soil from the edges thus leaving the sides of the hole intact. That is why they are highly preferred for the drilling of loose or wet soils. They are available in different sizes and thus the choice of core barrel will highly depend on the kind of teeth that you are drilling.

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