The Brazing Tungsten Carbide

The Brazing Tungsten Carbide

The machine wear parts production is one of the most vibrant industries in the world today. That is because of the increased mechanization in almost every aspect of human life. From the farms, factories and construction, the use of machine has risen exponentially. However, one of the biggest issues in the industry is the quality tools. Among the key things that stand out is the quality of raw materials and the processes. For the raw material, the use of the tungsten carbide and steels remain the best option. However, combine the two separate metals requires a strong joint. That is where the use of the braze technology or the braze tungsten carbide.

What is Brazing Tungsten Carbide?

For starters, brazing has the same outcome to soldering. It helps to create a strong joint between two metals without melting or breaking down the main components. However, brazing is a little bit different from the soldering in terms of heat level and choice of metal. Braze technology excels where there is a need to bolster together different shapes as well as configurations with joints that are more linear in fashion. Therefore, different pieces need to fit together neatly for this technology to work.

How the Brazing Tungsten Carbide Works

The working of brazing tungsten carbide is quite simple. Just the soldering, it does not require much but just to observe the material and the temperature level.  Braze technique simply work by placing a piece of metallic braze alloy with flux between two metal pieces. In this case, the braze alloy is placed between the carbide piece and the steel piece. Place the assembly in the heat to melt braze allow. However, there are some things that needs to look at for the technique to work.

First, the condition of the tungsten carbide and steel is one of the key issues to take into account if you need a strong joint. That is why important to ensure that the area around where the joint is to be placed is properly cleaned. The carbide should be grit blasted or sanded while steel should be vapour greased or cleaned with caustic solution. That helps to remove foreign particles such as dirt, oil, grease, etc. that are likely to create clumps hence making the joint inconsistent. It is after cleaning the areas that a melted flux is applied to form the joint. NOTE that use of the flux helps to remove oxides to avoid oxidation during the process. Here are the basic steps to summarize how the brazing tungsten carbide works:

  1. Cleans the surfaces of both the carbide and the steel body
  2. Applying influx to the steel surface
  3. Get the precut braze alloy steel and coat it with some influx
  4. Position the tungsten carbide tip or shank
  5. Start heating the braze alloy
  6. Move the tungsten carbide component slightly to allow the fumes or flux to escape
  7. Let the assembly cool down
  8. Use some hot water to wash off the excess flux

Advantages of Brazing Tungsten Carbide

One of the biggest reasons why brazing tungsten carbide is popular is due to the numerous benefits. Here are just a few of the reason why you need to consider it for your machine tools:

  • Brazing does not melt the base joined metals as it is with welding. That means it provides a clean joint which does not need any form of secondary finishing.
  • It can joining non-similar metals as well non-metals
  • Less thermal distortions due to the uniform heating
  • Cost effective in brazing complex and multi-part assemblies
  • You can coat brazing for protective purposes
  • It excels in mass production and automated manufacturing


  • Braze joints may not survive under extremely high temperatures.


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