Signs That You Need Auger Teeth Replacement

Signs That You Need Auger Teeth Replacement

Signs That You Need Auger Teeth Replacement

When it comes to drilling, the performance and productivity of the auger teeth is one of the critical things to consider. New teeth will always work extremely well but with, they will start wearing down. But that is normal for all wear parts.

While the teeth are relatively new, simple repairs are enough to rectify small faults and keep them working just fine. But as the machine gets old, repairs may not be enough and you’ll need to work on auger teeth replacement. But when do you know that it is time to make replacements? Well, here are some of the key signs that you need to look out for:

Reduced performance

If you notice that your auger output or performance is gradually declining, then you need to pay some attention to the condition of teeth. By being the actual parts that do cutting of the soil, auger teeth have a lot of impact to the overall performance of the machine. If you start experiencing a gradual decline in the performance or output of the machine even after making repairs, then you should know that you need to start making replacement of your auger teeth.  The teeth could get blunt and dull thus the need to be replaced.

Wear Line

This is another common way that you can tell whether your need to carry out auger teeth replacement or not. If you identify wear lines on the teeth body it is important to check what could be the problem. In some cases, you could weld the line to stop the growing of the crack and thus rectifying it. But the condition is dire, then carrying out a replacement could be the only way out. So if you notice large lines across the body of the teeth, you should consider replacing them immediately if welding is not working or it is too huge.

Engine Overheating

One thing that some people don’t know is the relationship between the engine and the condition of the auger teeth. If you find your engine heating more than usual, you should check the quality of the wear parts and more so the wear parts. Overheating is usually associated with low efficiency, is usually related to the poor condition of the cutting parts. So if you find that your auger driver is overheating, check the auger teeth for dullness or breakage. In situation repair cannot fix the problem, carry out auger teeth replacement.

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