Quality Control

Here at Carbide Teeth Mulcher (CMT), we are committed to providing our customers with top best quality mulcher tools. This is one of our key pillars that have enabled us to stump a strong foothold in the market as one of the most preferred suppliers of mulcher teeth. In the time that fake products and low-quality machine tools are on the rise, we have stood in the gap to provide mulcher users with top quality tools. To achieve this, we have put in place robust quality control measures to ensure that our tools meet our customers’ needs as well as value for money.

Our approach to mulching tool production is customer oriented. That is why everything that we do in our factory aims at improving our customer experience. We believe that our end products that reach the user should make their mulching experience better than before. Our quality control process starts with the raw material coming into the factory. If you give low quality raw material to the process from the start, then you can as well expect to get low quality output in terms of the mulcher teeth. There is no magic!

Our mulcher teeth are constructed from the highest grade raw materials in the industry. We use tungsten carbide for the teeth tip and steel for the body. CMT is using double grained composition of Tungsten Carbide. It is one of the toughest grades of tungsten carbide that can withstand demanding mulching condition. With a hardness of about 90 to 93 HRA and impact toughness of more than 2,800 MPA, this carbide offers the kind of mulcher tools that a customer needs. For the mulcher teeth body, we are using the highest grade of steel such as carbon alloys of steel.

In addition to the quality of materials, we have invested in the state of the equipment in our factory. We were able to equip our factory with the latest machines. That is why our manufacturing process is one of the most advanced in the market today. With that comes an increase in quality of the tools that we churn out of the factory. For instance, you have invested in a state of the art CNC machining centers. With these machines, we have been able to greatly improve the quality of our mulcher teeth compared to competitions.

We also understand that the quality joint is crucial to the performance of the mulcher. That is the reason why we have invested in the latest brazing technology. We use brazing tungsten carbide technique for our CMT mulcher teeth joints. With this kind of joining technique, we are sure that our tools can withstand the most demanding conditions without breaking. We have invested in high-end brazing machine to ensure high performance joints.

At Carbide Teeth Mulcher (CMT), we are also incorporating other techniques such as hot forging and cold forging in our production. Such processes that greatly improves the quality and performance of machine tools.

These are some of the many measures that we have put in place to ensure the quality of our mulcher wear parts. Buying from us simply means that you are getting the best mulcher teeth that the market can offer. If you need more information on our quality control, our customer care desk is always ready for you any time of the day. Our customers are also free to visit our factory any time.