Forestry Mulcher Teeth type ORG style fitting SEPPI mulcher, 2 carbide tips

Forestry Mulcher Teeth type ORG style fitting SEPPI mulcher, 2 carbide tips

For your mulching machine to hit peaks performance and productivity, you must install the right wear parts. In this case, the term “right wear parts” means tools of high quality and from the highest grade raw materials. That is what we are offering you at Carbide Mulcher Teeth. We are producers and supplying high quality aftermarket mulcher teeth that fit all major brands in the market.

Our mulcher teeth tips are from the highest grade of carbide material, while the body is 42CRMO or 40CR steel. This is a special type of steel that offers incredible performance and good hardenability. In addition, we also provide other treatment services including hot forging and cold forging to enhance our tools performance. With our heat treatment hardness of about 40-45hrc, it is without a doubt that Carbide Mulcher Teeth tools are among the best you can find in the market. We also provide customized mulcher teeth that meet your exact needs.


Forestry Mulcher Teeth type ORG style fitting SEPPI mulcher, 2 carbide tips

Carbide Mulcher Teeth, widely known as ‘CMT” is a company that sells aftermarket wear parts and accessories for all the forestry equipment. But it is essential to note that we have any association with the manufacturers of the original machines or the equipment for which we manufacture and sells parts and accessories. We only use their products names, models and details to help our customers identify compatible wear parts for the machines. Therefore, all our products wear parts and accessories are not products of or a nod by the original manufacturer. We don’t have any form of association or an arrangement with the original manufacturers.

All trademarks associated with original equipment remain the properties of the respective owner. So we do not in any way attach any claim to them. It should be understood that all products appearing on this site are solely intended and sold for aftermarket use only. Therefore, don’t confuse them with others types or for other purposes. At carbide Mulcher Teeth, we recommend that you check your warranty regarding the installation and use of aftermarket parts not supplied by the original manufacturer before buying our wear parts.  Note that CMT is not responsible for the changes in the warranties resulting from the use of aftermarket wear parts. 

We recommend buyers to contact the original manufacturer of the machine to ensure that they have complied with the necessary warranty requirements regarding the installation of aftermarket parts and accessories. The original manufacturer should provide you with the guidelines and advice on how to proceed with aftermarket wear parts. That ensures you are on the safe side when it comes to using aftermarket wear parts. It will also help navigate in the market safely. Note that CMT has very elaborate guidelines on how we associated with the users of our aftermarket wear parts. Buyer must always adhere to these guidelines.