New Types of Fecon Forestry Mulcher Rotors

New Types of Fecon Forestry Mulcher Rotors

New Types of Fecon Forestry Mulcher Rotors

Fecon has over the years made significant advancement in its brand by incorporating the latest technology in its production. In the recent years, the company has introduced a new model of rotors and Fecon mulcher parts that have been received very well by the market. These are special kinds of Fecon mulcher parts that are configured to meet the current market needs. We are going to sample types of Fecon mulcher rotors that are changing users experience for the better. Check out these types Fecon parts:

The company has designed three rotors to address a different need in the market, and you will be impressed by the quality of output that you will be getting from these tools. They include FGT, HDT, and DCR rotor systems. All these types are configured with unique features that enable them to produce incredible output in their specific areas.

FGT Rotors

The FGT rotor system is configured in drum style with incredible features such as spiral tool (mulcher teeth) pattern, quiet rotor space, and innovative teeth shape for smooth, efficient clearing of the vegetation. The rotor system is also designed to last in demanding and severe mulching conditions. Due to its forged Fecon mulcher teeth and other Fecon mulcher parts, V-Back tool fastening, and efficient structural designs, the rotor has proven useful in the toughest applications for thousands of hours. It is also important to note that FGT may require at least 600 HP power for the user to enjoy its benefits.

HDT Rotor

HOT or traditional style rotor system is best known for its excellent mulching performance and durability. HDT comes with extremely powerful features such as low profile rotor bars, staggered Fecon mulcher teeth pattern and stronger forged tool holder design that makes it one of the most power mulcher rotors in the market. You can also find the patented step-tool pattern if you are looking for greater performance and optimal cutting efficiency. However, you can also control the performance by selecting from a vast range of fecon mulcher teeth which include standard dual-carbide teeth, narrow single carbide amongst others.

DCR Rotor

Depth Controlled Rotor (DCR) is best known for its ability to control the depth of the mulching.  The rotor system produces a clean cut, uniform particle and more so better fuel economy. The rotor is designed to direct the material flow, and that’s how it is able to reserve energy for productions. They are extremely durable.

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