Mistakes Causing Quick Wear and Tear of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Mistakes Causing Quick Wear and Tear of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Mistakes Causing Quick Wear and Tear of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Fecon Forestry mulchers are indisputably some of the best foliage clearing equipment in the market. These are the type of machine that can clear any vegetation within no time when in excellent condition. But just any other machine, mulchers are prone to wear and tear. But some of wear and tear is contributed by the operator’s mistake. Unfortunately, most people do not realise that they are contributing to the quick wear and tear of their equipment. For that matter, we’re analysing the common mistakes that could be the cause of wear and tear of your Fecon mulcher.

Poor Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the major problems that most people are struggling with. A good number of Fecon mulcher owners do not repair their equipment as advised by the manufacturer manual. As long as the machine is operating, they will comfortably skip the maintenance. What does this does to the machine? Well, the basic idea of having regular maintenance is to correct any faulty parts of the machine. That’s how your mulcher can prolong their lifespan. Failure to observe maintenance routine promotes the deterioration of the machine little by little. Before you know, the machine is breaking down.


Mulchers have limits which they can operate. That’s why the capacity of the machine is indicated by buying. So what’s the horsepower rating of your Fecon mulcher? How much can it handle? These are a question that you need to get answers to. If the machine can handle a particular amount load, then you should avoid surpassing it. Unfortunately, most operators do not observe this rule. They end up overworking the machine on tougher tasks that significantly increase wear and tear. In most cases, Fecon mulcher teeth suffer the most. So do not a grass cutter to clear tough foliage or tree limbs.

Untrained Operator

How well trained and experienced is the operator? This is another factor that could be causing a high rate of wear and tear. Operating a mulcher is more than just igniting the engine and clearing the foliage or vegetation. A lot of skills are needed to ensure that the machine is also protected. A poor operator could be the reason why you are having problems with your equipment. In most cases, Fecon mulcher teeth are the most affected when a poor operator is handling you mulcher. So if you are the one operating the machine, get proper training. If you are hiring, get a professional mulcher operator.

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