What to Look for in FAE Land Clearing Machines

What to Look for in FAE Land Clearing Machines

What to Look for in FAE Land Clearing Machines

Over the years, FAE Company has provided us with a vast range of land clearing machines. In fact, buyers are spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a forestry mulcher, Fae grinder or any other land clearing equipment, there is plenty to choose from FAE. But what should be your guide while buying? Well, in this article are going to look at some of the things that you should look for in an FAE machine.


How much work can the machine handle? Well, this should be the first question even before you picking a machine. Any machine has a rating on how much it can handle based on its horsepower. For instance, if you are buying an FAE forestry mulcher head or attachment, check the weight that the tractor or skid steer can handle. If you buy a 13ton mulcher attachment and your vehicle can only support 15ton, then you will have a problem. Similarly, if you are buying a tractor, it should have the capacity to lift the attachment. So the power of the equipment is an essential factor to look out for.

Quality of Cutting tools

For any land clearing machine, the quality of cutting tools is paramount. And when we say cutting tools, we mean the teeth. One gross mistake that you can make is buying a machine with poor quality teeth. That means you may go back to the market soon and that’s an unnecessary cost. Fortunately, FAE machines come with some of the best teeth in the market. If you need mulching equipment, FAE mulcher teeth are just what you need. FAE products come with carbide teeth which are the most recommended in the market. So make sure the type of carbide used in making the teeth is tungsten if you will be working on tough tasks. The same case goes for FAE grinders and other cutting machines.

The Age

The reason why we have included the age factor on this list is to accommodate the refurbished machines. For the new equipment, age doesn’t matter, but for those interested in refurbished machines, it does. For anyone investing in an FAE grinder or mulcher, the idea is to have it serve you for the longest possible. But if you end up buying an old machine, it means that the lifespan is already reduced. So go for a land clearing machine that’s relatively new for you to get value for money. Check how many hours the machine has covered- it could be relatively but overworked.

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