Loftness Forestry Mulcher attachments: Sampling the Best

Loftness Forestry Mulcher attachments: Sampling the Best

Loftness Forestry Mulcher attachments: Sampling the Best

Loftness has made a mark in the manufacturing of industrial equipment. In the years that the company has been in the manufacturing industry, they have produced a vast range of mulching equipment. In the recent years, the company has invested heavily in technology and innovation. The results have been incredibly performing mulching machines which have been doing very well in the market. The mulching machines are known for rugged durability and incredible output in vegetation management. But which are the best Loftness mulching attachments can you go for? here are 3 Loftness attachments that will deliver great output:

  1. Carbide Cutter Extreme Hydro

Carbide cutter extreme is a hydraulic-drive bush cutter that also works very well in cutting trees. The machine is extremely flexible in that it can be used in a vast range of movers. In fact, the mulching attachment is built for prime movers of up to 300 HP. Carbide EX hydro can also mulch up to 10-inch diameter foliage efficiently.  To help cut large diameters such as tree and bushes, the header attachment is designed to allow for intermittent cutting. That means you don’t need to change the teeth but you can use same teeth for all you mulching activities. Here are some of the key features:

  • Twin hydraulic mulchers
  • Adjustable tree pusher bar
  • Claw hooks on pusher bar
  • 13oo RPM, 21-inch-diameter rotor


  1. Battle Ax (Skid Steer)

For those looking for a skid steer mulching head, then you should consider Battle Ax. The loftness mulcher head attachment is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Designed specifically for the skid steer and it can be used on a vast range of skid steers. It is extremely durable, flexible and versatile in that very few brands on the market can compare with it. They also come with heavy duty carbide loftness mulcher teeth.

Major applications:

  • Felling large standing trees
  • Shaving off large materials
  • Reverse mulching
  • Forward mulching


  1. Carbide Cutter G4

Carbide cutter G4 is one of the most celebrated mulching machines in the market. It is one of the mulching machines that have redefined the mulcher manufacturing industry. It is a super-efficient machine with an impressive performance. The loftness mulcher teeth pattern is designed with a staggering style configuration so that power is distributed all over for an ease and efficient mulching. Here are some of the key features that make the Carbide Cutter G4 stands out:

  • Variable displacement piston motor for increased torque
  • Fixed Displacement Motor that works great for skid steers lower HP
  • Custom Hydraulic Control valve
  • Two-stage cutting chamber
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • Adjustable push bar

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