Hydraulic Vs. PTO Forestry Mulchers

Hydraulic Vs. PTO Forestry Mulchers

Hydraulic Vs. PTO Forestry Mulchers

What type of FAE mulching equipment do you prefer? Well, hydraulic and PTO mulchers are the two most common types of mulchers from this brand. Whereas both models are configured for mulching purposes, they are very different in most aspects. But at the same time, each model excels in different conditions. For those using fae mulchers, what the main differences and similarities between the two models?  In this article, we are going to look at the differences and similarities between the types of mulchers.

Choice Attachment

The choice of attachment or the vehicle used is one of the most striking differences the two models. For the PTO mulchers, they are mostly attached to the tractors and the skid steers.  Since most of PTOs mulches simple foliage, the choices of vehicles work very well for them.  Once the attachment hitches on the tractor, they are ready for work. There are minor adjustments if any of the equipment while working. As for the hydraulic mulchers, they are mostly in clearing thick foliage such as forests. Under such conditions, they require a lot of flexibility, and that is why they are mostly excavator driven. An excavator can reach a larger area with minimal movement.


When it comes to the application these two types FAE forestry mulchers are totally different. For instance, the PTO mulchers excel best on flat terrain. Once they hitched onto the tractor or skid steer, they are somehow rigid, and the can only move up and down. That is what makes them practically impossible in operate on slope areas. As for the hydraulic system, they are incredibly flexible when it comes to application. They do very well on any terrain- whether sloppy or even. The excavator allows the operator to move the FAE mulcher head up and down and also at 360 degrees. Tracked excavators are also the best choice for wet conditions.


Tooling is one of the areas that both machines share common similarities. It’s important to note that apart from the vehicles, and the application, the result is the same.  The type of Fae mulcher teeth the two machines use is the same. Just like most of the FAE machines, the mulchers comes with carbide teeth. But the type of carbide used in making the teeth depends on the kind of work. Always go for tungsten type if you are buying either of the two. The material has best properties for any mulching.


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