How to Regular Maintenance of Fecon Mulching Head

How to Regular Maintenance of Fecon Mulching Head

How to Regular Maintenance of Fecon Mulching Head

For you mulching head to deliver excellent results for an extended period time, you must do one very important thing- that is maintenance. You must ensure that your machine is properly maintained for it to deliver high performance and productivity for a long period of time. However, maintenance must be carried out appropriately and correctly.

First, it essential to note that there are various types of Fecon mulching head maintenance. The most common ones are comprehensive maintenance and regular maintenance. The comprehensive maintenance is done in the way that the manufacturer has direct and takes care of the entire machine. For the regular maintenance, you need to have the machine checked regularly and probably after work. We highly recommend the latter as it is more of a preventative mechanism to maintain the machine in the best condition possible.

But how can you do proper Fecon mulching head maintenance? Here are areas that you need to check out for:


Your Fecon mulching head hardware is very important though it does not do the actual work. If you notice that your machine is starting to vibrate, then you need to check hardware aspects of your machine. These are parts that are likely to get loose due to damaging of the nuts and bolts. You need to have them tightened to get the machine back in shape. You also need to check what could have caused the problem. In most cases, oil leakage is usually the problem. Fix it.

Check the Hydraulic System

The modern Fecon mulching head has most of the functions controlled by hydraulics. That includes the driving power of the head since hydraulics have been found to be highly efficient. That is why we recommend that users should always check the hydraulic system. Check the level of the fluids and refill when necessary. You are also required to replace the hydraulic at the right time. That will keep the machine working efficiently and effectively.

Generous Greasing

With most of the active Fecon mulching head parts in constant motion, there is a lot of friction generated. That is greasing, or lubrication is a key element in the maintenance of the mulching head. Check the bearing, belt tensioners and the rotor amongst other rotating parts. Failure to greasing results in a high rate of wear and tear due to friction hence increasing the cost of maintenance. For the active parts, grease every day of the machine is working for 8 hours a day.

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