How to choose carbide mulcher teeth

How to choose carbide mulcher teeth

How to choose carbide mulcher teeth

It is important to consider the following when selecting carbide mulcher teeth when making purchases.

Brand – before you opt for mulcher teeth, it is important to select one with the one that goes with your necessities. This is because there are various type of mulcher teeth such as fecon mulcher teeth, fae mulcher teeth, quadco teeth, king kong teeth and mulcher teeth.

Flexibility – you should go for carbide mulcher teeth that can fit in most mulcher machines. Some of the machines that can adapt carbide mulcher teeth include Fecon mulcher, fae mulcher, agricultural mulchers, mulcher excavator, bradco mulcher, eco mulcher, bobcat mulcher, and eom mulcher parts.

Size – size is an essential aspect to consider in this case. You might end up purchasing carbide mulcher teeth that is bigger or smaller than the forestry mulcher tooth holder. Therefore, you have to know the exact size of the tooth holder of the mulcher for a better companion.

Durability – mulching teeth are made of different materials with different levels of durability. For road milling tools, rotary drilling and mining tools, you should go for a carbide teeth that is more durable and does not wear out easily. For short term mulches you can go for the one that is less durable and save on cost.

Material – carbide mulcher teeth are usually made of different materials. Tungsten carbide is mostly used due to its durability reputation. It maintains ideal welding properties and its wear resistance as well as higher impact resistance. The carbide tungsten is made up of tungsten particles for maximum abrasive resistance. It has a hardness of 60hrc with blended wear which resists welded wear. For complex drilling activities and mining tools, carbide mulcher teeth made up of carbide tungsten is advised.

Cost – cost is a fundamental factor that you have to consider before purchasing any item. You should go for a carbide mulcher tool that is cost effective and affordable. However, expensive carbide mulcher teeth tend to be more durable than the cheapo one. In this case, you have to go with the one that suits your necessities and your budget.


The brand, cost, durability and material are imperative factors to consider when opting for carbide mulcher teeth. As described, they can have a greater impact on the mulcher machine and the output it produces. With the following factors, you are able to opt for carbide mulching teeth that suits your work, necessities together with your budget.

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