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Guide to Buying the Right Fecon Forestry Mulcher

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Guide to Buying the Right Fecon Forestry Mulcher


Guide to Buying the Right Fecon Forestry Mulcher

If you are planning to buy a new or second hand Fecon forestry mulcher, you’ve to be very smart. Otherwise, you may not get good returns on Investment (ROI). Although the Fecon Company has built an impeccable reputation for the quality of their mulching equipment, not every Fecon forestry mulcher for sale will work for you. There is more that goes into buying a forestry mulcher than just paying and taking the equipment home. Here are essential tips that can help you choose the right Fecon forestry mulcher.


This is a basic tip that any buyer should have at their fingertips. Performance is all about the capacity of the equipment to handle the intended work. Fecon mulchers are available in different sizes depending on the horsepower. You will find small machines for mulching grass and weeds around your home compound and heavyweight mulchers for clearing thick foliage and tree limbs. Depending on the kind work you intend to use the equipment for, choose a horsepower rating that will handle it with a lot of ease. The company has a vast collection of mulchers capacities to choose from. I’d recommend slightly higher horsepower.

The Age

If you are buying a used Fecon forestry mulcher, the age of the machine is a crucial factor to consider. You don’t want to buy obsolete piece equipment in the name of forestry mulcher only for it to break down few months down the line. The age of the machine will tell you how long the machine has been used. I would recommend that you avoid anything that is beyond three years of age if you wan to get value for money. If money is the problem, a refurbished Fecon forestry mulcher would cost you less and offer better services. However, you need to choose carefully.

Underfoot Condition

Even if get the size of the mulching equipment right, you may miss out on the ground condition. The nature of the land is a significant determining factor while opting for a mulcher. If the ground is rocky, soft, or frozen, it requires a mulcher type that excels best under such conditions. That is why it is important to put this factor into consideration. It will also help you to determine the kind of Fecon mulcher teeth you’ll need to handle the work efficiently. What if you will be using the machine on sloppy and marshy grounds? You should consider the kind of wheels to use on the machine.

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