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Forestry Mulcher and Land Clearing Equipment

Land clearing equipment is a common term probably due to the high rate mechanization in land clearing. However, there has been a misconception on what kind of machines the term describes. In general, land clearing equipment is an industrial machine that is used in managing land by way of clearing vegetation on it. However, there are numerous types of land clearing machines.

Among the most common type of land clearing machines are the flail mowers. These pieces of equipment have become extremely popular with landscaping and farming. They are mostly used for trimming golf courses, football pitches and clearing agricultural fields. They are widely used for cutting grass, weed and other soft vegetation. Most of the flail mowers are PTO driven with most of them being coupled to the tractor. That is why it is common to see small tractors on golf courses and soccer pitches pulling small machines (flail mowers) from behind.

In addition, flail mowers come in different sizes and producers. Bradco flail mowers, Fecon flail mowers, and Loftness flail mowers are among the many reputable brands in the market. Unlike most of the land clearing machines, they use blades to cut vegetation.

The brush cutter is the second category of land clearing equipment. These machines are designed to work on tougher vegetation and thus a great alternative to flail movers. They are designed to clearing small bushes, weed, tough grass and shrubs making it a little bit powerful to flail mowers. One thing that makes brush cutters unique to other land clearing machines is portability. It is small in size and it can be carried by the user while working. That is also the reason why the equipment can reach areas that the common flail mower cannot. However, they are fitted with cutting blades just like flail mowers. Terex Cancela brush cutters, Fecon brush cutters, and FAE brush cutters are just some of the major brands of brush cutters.

Stone crushers or rock crushers is the third category of land clearing equipment that is rarely mentioned. As the name suggests, these machines are designed to crush large stone into small gravel. In most cases, these machines used in farms to deal with rocky soils. Most of the rock crushers are PTO driven and that provides them with the power need to crush stones into fine soil that can support agriculture. These attachments use powerful mulcher teeth to crush rocks to the fine soil. They can work in different sizes of the teeth depending on the individual machine’s size and power. Some of the common stone crusher brands include Fecon, FAE, Diamond, Loftness, and Magnum amongst many others.

Last but not the least is the forestry mulchers. These machines are the most common land clearing equipment, especially with big commercial contractors. They are large land clearing equipment commonly used by commercial contractors or large-scale farmer. These machines are mostly used in clearing thick and tough vegetation. As the name suggests, Forestry mulchers are mostly used on clearing forests to allow for other uses. However, they used mulcher teeth to shred tree limbs into fine wood pieces that can quickly decompose.

Forestry mulcher attachment comes in different sizes and from different prime movers. The size of the attachment is determined by the nature of forestry mulching. For prime movers, the main determining factor is the nature the land. For instance, you will find Bradco forestry mulchers that are PTO or excavator driven. Similarly, there are numerous brands of forestry mulchers. FAE mulchers, Fecon Mulchers, Gyro Trac Mulchers and Seppi M. mulchers are some of the reputable brands in the market.

Land clearing equipment wear parts are prone to wear as a result of extreme conditions they are exposed to. Therefore, you will need to replace your blades and the teeth to maintain equipment optimal performance. At CMT, we are providing a solution to all you mulcher teeth and blades replacement needs. We have our own factory where we manufacture and supply these wear parts. Our products are constructed from the highest grade materials (carbide tip and steel body) and thus quality is top notch. CMT wear parts are also relatively cheap while maintaining the best quality. Sample a range of land clearing equipment blades, teeth, and other wear parts. You can as well visit our factory.

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