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Features To Look for in a Fecon Mulcher Teeth

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Features To Look for in a Fecon Mulcher Teeth


Features To Look for in a Fecon Mulcher Teeth

When it comes to mulching, two factors significantly determine your mulching machine’s effectiveness- the teeth and capacity. While capacity is all about the horsepower rating of the machine, teeth determine mulchers cutting ability. As the primary tool that does the actual cutting work, they play an essential part in any mulching equipment including Fecon forestry mulchers. So what should you look for in Fecon mulcher teeth? Here are key features to look out for:


The material making the Fecon mulcher teeth is one of the significant features that you need to look out for. Mulcher teeth are made from different types of materials depending on their use. Some teeth excel in clearing soft foliage and others for hard conditions. Amid all these types of materials, carbide teeth are the best to invest in. They are not only long lasting but also keep sharpness for a longer time. It’s also important to note there are several type carbide materials on the market. The best type is the tungsten carbide material since it is the highest grade of the carbide materials. You will find that most of the teeth are labelled carbide but confirm that is tungsten and not any other carbide.

Size of the Teeth

The size of Fecon mulcher cutting teeth is determined by different factors such as the type of job.  If you are mulching soft foliage, then you may not need such big teeth. However, if you will be mulching thick foliage, such as tree limbs, then you strong teeth that that can handle such conditions.  For the Fecon mulcher teeth, there are numerous sizes for specific tasks. Just make sure that you have chosen the right size for the job. If you are having a problem with selecting the right teeth, ask for expert advice.


The condition of mulcher teeth is crucial feature to look for especially if you are buying a refurbished machine. In some cases, the dealer may fail to replace the old teeth with new ones. What this does is that it lowers the lifespan of the teeth which have already used. However, in some cases, the quality of teeth may not be in that bad condition.  It is easy to tell whether the teeth are in excellent condition or not. Just check if the rip is blunt or presence of wear lines. For first time buyers, these are simple ways to tell if the teeth will serve you long enough or not.


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