Features to Look For in Brush Mulchers

Features to Look For in Brush Mulchers

Features to Look For in Brush Mulchers

If you are in the agricultural sector, mulching is one critical stage in land preparations. But there are different types of mulching altogether. That’s the reason why you will find various types forestry mulchers in the market for different tasks. For instance, if you like FAE products, you’ll see that the company offers a vast range of mulchers each excelling in specific areas. One of the most known of the FAE forestry mulchers is the brush mulchers. These are unique mulchers excels in land preparations such as reseeding and reducing weed. But what should you look out in a FAE brush mulcher to get the best out of it? These are key features to look out for:

The size of the Attachment

The size of the attachment has been a critical feature to look out for in a FAE forestry mulcher. But the size of the head is substantially determined by the size of the vehicle. If your skid steer or tractor is powerful enough to support heavy attachments, then you can select a vast range of heads. Note that FAE mulcher heads come in different sizes with each excelling in different conditions. However, if you have a small skid steer, then you can opt for the available small FAE mulcher head that work excellently for lighter tasks such as leveling the fields.

Type and size of Mulcher Teeth

When it comes to mulching, the type and the size of the teeth are two factors that you need to take. For the FAE brush mulchers, there are different types of teeth depending on the intended use. They are mostly categorized based on the material they are made. For better results, carbide products give the best results at any time.  But make sure that you’ve selected tungsten carbide due to its incredible properties. The size of the teeth is also crucial, but factors such as the type land should determine it. There are different sizes of FAE mulcher teeth for sale out there, and all you need is select the right one for the job.


The capacity or the size of the brush mulcher is a critical feature to look out for. But the capacity is dependent on the type of type of task. What is the capacity and type of vehicle are you using? Well, this is also a crucial factor to consider while selecting a FAE brush mulcher.  If you are working on a difficult task, then go for a higher rated horsepower brush mulcher.  But if you will be working a variety of tasks, then having a FAE mulcher head of higher capacity is recommended. This kind of machine can help you hand a vast range of tasks down the ladder.

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