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Facts about Hydraulic FAE Forestry Mulcher

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Facts about Hydraulic FAE Forestry Mulcher


Facts about Hydraulic FAE Forestry Mulcher

Hydraulic forestry mulchers are rare but very efficient equipment for harsh conditions. With their incredible configurations, they provide fantastic driveline options and cutting tools combination. Although they are not that popular, they can make an excellent choice for some extreme conditions. One thing that you will note about these mulchers is some degree of complexity. They cannot compare to their counterparts. Unlike the PTO driven mulchers, hydraulic models are a little bit challenging for newbies. But what facts should you know about hydraulic mulchers? Well, here are crucial facts you should know.

Mostly hitched on Excavators

Most of the FAE hydraulic forestry mulchers make use of excavators as the primary vehicle. This due to the reason that most tasks that they handle require a lot of flexibility which can only an excavator can provide.  In fact, among the main vehicles mulchers are attached to, excavator provides the best flexibility. They can quickly change direction; can be on slopes or wetlands amongst many other advantages. They can also support a vast range of attachment depending on the needed size. That fact that you can choose either a wheeled or tracked prime movers gives the user even more flexibility with an excavator.

Extremely Powerful

One of the benefits of the FAE hydraulic forestry mulchers is that they are beasts at work. They are extremely powerful. In fact, you can get a system that is up to 600hp. That’s why they are good with tasks that are extremely difficult such as clearing thick foliage such as the tree limbs. Note that the use of speed torque optimization (STO), which is an automatic feature, has also improved these models’ performance. STO feature enables the machine to adjust motor displacement, and change torque automatically according to the task. The STO feature allows the FAE hydraulic forestry mulchers to work in both light and tough conditions.

Requires high level of Skills

Unlike most of the mulchers, hydraulic models require high-level skills on the part of the operator. The fact most of these mulchers are excavator driven means that you need a trained excavator operator. We all know that this is one of the equipment that not anyone can handle. But with technology improvements, these pieces of equipment are becoming user-friendly. But high-level skills remain a critical requirement to mulch correctly. If you want to operate a FAE hydraulic mulcher, you must be ready to take few classes. Otherwise, you will need to hire a professional hydraulic forestry mulcher operator to do the work for you.

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