Common Used Of FAE Mulcher Teeth

Common Used Of FAE Mulcher Teeth

Common Used Of FAE Mulcher Teeth

FAE Company has been releasing a vast range mulching wear parts in the industry. If you are looking for wood and vegetation management tools, this is the company to go for. FAE has made a strong foothold in the market as one of the manufacturers of mulching teeth in the market. In addition, the company has also diversified their manufacturing to address the numerous needs in the mulching industry. They have a range of products for a vast range of application. Here are some of the common applications of FAE mulcher teeth:

Forestry Use

Forestry mulchers are some of the power mulching machines in the industry. These machines are usually used in the management of forests where they are used to cleat thick and tough tree limbs. They are mostly used to clear forests for farming, construction amongst other uses. They are also widely used from maintenance of road sizes, pipelines amongst other installations. Due to the tough nature of the conditions that they are exposed to, they require highly performing sets of teeth. FAE forestry mulcher teeth are specially designed for Forestry Mulcher. Apart from FAE mulchers, these teeth are also compatible with other brands.

Farming Use

When it comes to land clearing for demining, there is some vegetation that would make it difficult for the tractor plow. That is usually the time when the weed is too tall for proper land preparation to be carried out. In such conditions, it is only wise that start by cutting down the weed and other vegetation and there is no other way to achieve that rather than mulching. That is why FAE has special kind teeth for small mulching machines used for weed clearing. These teeth are designed to offer incredibly high performance in such conditions.

Rock Mulching

In the mulching industry, there are situations where the condition of soil could be rocky making it difficult to do farming. That is the reason why we have rock mulchers in the market to address such problems. However, these are special types of mulchers that require high-quality teeth that can withstand such abrasive soil. FAE have special rock mulcher teeth that are designed and manufactured to be used in such conditions.

Wood Chipper

FAE mulcher teeth are also designed to be used on wood chippers. These are special types of mulchers used for grinding vegetation into chips for quick decomposing. FAE has special teeth for such machines.

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