CNC Machining Center

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is one of the critical equipment for any factory that deals with machine tools. The machine are common in areas where high levels of precision and speedy production is crucial. They are now common equipment in most of the high-end machine wear parts producing factories such as Carbide Mulcher Teeth amongst others. But what is the CNC machine?

What is the CNC Machining Center?

As mentioned above, CNC is a short form of Computer Numeric Control. Unlike most of the traditional machines used in most factories, the CNC machine is fully automated by the use of a program. It is simply a combination of a mini or microcomputer that acts as the controller unit. The program is in the memory of the computer where the operator or the programmer can easily edit it as per customer requirement. The good thing about the CNC machine is that it can incorporate any system since all you need is to reprogram.

How CNC Machining Center Works

Unlike its complex design, the CNC machining center is quite simple in its operation. However, how the machine works include very intricate and complex processes. As mention, the system contains a computer which is the controller unit. The work of the computer is to receive instruction in the form of a program and execute it automatically. All the cutting processes are fed into the computer as a program which controls the entire process. In fact, the machine works like a robot. The operator can edit the program at will hence one CNC machine to produce various types of tools. The CNC machine is usually connects to big machines such as the milling, drilling and lathe machines.

Common Application of the CNC machine

CNC machining centers are among the most versatile machines in the metal tools production. They are being used for most functions, especially in machine tools manufacturing industry. However, they are more used in areas where precision in terms of size and features is a crucial factor.  Here are the 3 common instance where the CNC machine is the most appropriate to use.

  1. Making high precision work pieces. When you need to design a work piece that requires the use of high precision, e. size and shape, then human controlled machine may not deliver the best result. What you need is an automated machine, and CNC machine is the ideal option. All you need is a program, and the CNC machining center will do the rest. There is no human interference, and thus the result will be 100% correct as per the program.
  2. Periodic Production. Imagine that you are churning out large volumes of a particular This is what we call a periodic or repetitive the production. In such cases, the tradition machine may not produce the expected due human error. There will be deviations from the original set up, and that will result in variation in the produced tools. That is why the CNC machining center is the best option. The program will start tools from the first to the last.
  3. Mass Production. In instances where the factory is doing a large order of the same work piece, then the best is the CNC machine. It makes work easier by the fact that it does not require much human control. After setting the program, you only need to have the raw material ready.
CNC Machining Center

Benefits of CNC machine in a factory

There are many benefits that factories such as enjoy by investing in the best quality CNC machining center. First, there is increase in productivity while at the same time reducing the cost of production. The quality of tools is superb due to high accuracy. The production cycle is also very short hence enabling the factory to meet deadlines. These are some of the main benefits

At Carbide Mulcher Teeth, we are among the few factories that boast of an extensive collection of state of the CNC machining center. That is why we able to offer our customers a short turnaround time while at the same time maintain high quality mulching tools. In addition, we also provide external processing services as required by customers. Feel free to contact Carbide Mulcher Teeth or visit our factory.