Check this If Your Mucher Teeth Performance Drops Drastically

Check this If Your Mucher Teeth Performance Drops Drastically

Check this If Your Mucher Teeth Performance Drops Drastically

The mulching machine is some of the most effective equipment for land clearing. But these machines are not any different from other industrial machines, and thus their performance is likely to dwindle during operation. A gradual reduction in performance is normal, but if it happens drastically, then there is an unusual problem that requires to be fixed urgently. However, there could be more than one problems as well. We have rounded up some of the major causes of drastic fall in mulcher teeth performance.

Carbide Tip Breakage

One of the major reasons for drastic drop in performance could be breakage of the carbide tips. These are essential parts mulcher teeth since they are the main part of the teeth that do the actual cutting of the vegetation. If the carbide teeth break off the tooth, then efficient cutting will not be possible. In most cases, carbide tip breakage occurs as a result of overload. If the teeth are subjected to extremely hard conditions or under excessive than they can hold, they will definitely breakage off. Avoid such conditions, and you will have saved your mulcher teeth from tip breakage. You must also check the amount of pressure being generated by the prime mover regarding the size of the teeth.

Exposure Hard and Rocky Conditions

Mulcher teeth are designed to excel in various conditions. There are those teeth that are designed for soft vegetation such as weed and grass while another shred a whole tree in just a matter of seconds or minutes. There are others that are designed for abrasive and rock conditions. If the teeth designed for clearing weed and brushes are used for trees or rock surfaces, then the rate of wear will significantly increase. That will start a  chain of reactions that will eventually lead to a drastic fall in the performance of mulcher teeth

Prime Drive Breakdown

Another cause of a drastic fall in the performance of the mulcher teeth is a breakdown of the prime driver. Note that these teeth depend on the pressure generated by the skid steer, excavator, tractor or whichever drive are using. In case that pressure suddenly cuts down due to faults in the machine that could be the reason for the sudden drop in teeth performance. In such cases, you should stop and have the machine fixed by a professional.

Therefore if your mulcher teeth performance drops drastically, these are some of the key areas that you need to check first. They are usually the problem.

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