Bull Hog Mulcher Overview

Bull Hog Mulcher Overview

Bull Hog Mulcher Overview

There is a reason why Bull Hog mulchers are referred to as the most durable mulching head on the market. For those who have used these models, they have been impressed by their performance and more so their versatility. Bull Hog models have undoubtedly put Fecon brand on the map as one of the most reputable industrial machines and tool manufacturers. What has had many people excited is the available options of bull hog head attachments? For those looking for Fecon Bull Hog mulcher for sale, there is a vast range of models to choose. Here are some of the Bull Hog models that are doing very well on the market:

1. Bull Hog Hydraulic Machine Attachment

For those who prefer working with hydraulic mulchers, then bull hog model is the perfect choice of equipment to consider. Hydraulic driven Bull Hogs are special kind of mulching attachments configured to produce peak performance at any time condition. They come with a combination of quality tools, weight, width and driven options for operation on load sense or closed-loop hydraulic system up to 600hp. What kind of surfaces are you working on? Well, Fecon has you covered. You can choose either tracked or wheeled movers. They are heavy-duty and available in FGT, HDT or DCR configurations for the rotor. If you are looking for tool versatility in a Bull Hog mulcher for sale, this is a good option.

2. Bull Hog Excavator Attachment

If versatility is what you’re looking for in mulching activities, then you should consider adding this bull hog excavator head Attachment. This is the kind of mulching machine that can reach places where the common mulchers cannot. With excavator as the carrier, these mulchers can work on any foliage and even the most awkward situation. They are perfect for clearing bushes and trees. Bull hog excavator attachments are ideal mulching ravines, creeks, roadsides, riverbanks and other places that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

3. Bull Hog for PTO Machines

Fecon has been producing PTO mulchers for sometimes now. But the introduction of bull hog for PTO machines has taken their products to another level. These mulchers are design for agricultural purposes. That’s why they are mounted on the agricultural tractors. They work well tractors rated 80-450HP. Whether you need to a wheeled or tracked carrier, then the company has all that for you.
These are just a few of Fecon Bull Hog mulcher. Other models that you can come across include skid steer attachment amongst others.

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