Benefits of the New FAE Mulcher Spike Counter-Blades

Benefits of the New FAE Mulcher Spike Counter-Blades

Benefits of the New FAE Mulcher Spike Counter-Blades

For some time now, FAE has been using interchangeable counter-blades in most of their mowers. Although the blade arrangement has been exceptionally great in terms of performance and productivity, the company has introduced a new mowing blade pattern that is expected to better the current. The new blade pattern is the Spike Counter-Blades. The pattern has been tested and found to have more benefits compared to the popular interchangeable Blades. But what are the key benefits of the new patter? Well here are some of the key benefits of Spike Counter-Blades pattern.

Better Shredding

While mulching, the machine should produce the smallest shreds possible. That helps in enhancing the process of decomposition thus making it easy for the land preparation. Although the interchangeable counter-blades were good, the new patter is exemplary great when it comes to the shredding of the vegetation. Compared to the older pattern, Spike Counter-Blades provides much smaller chips thus making it the best option.  So the final product is better than most of the available alternatives.

Improved Flow of Mulched Material

One of the main challenges with rotor blade patter is the flow if the mulched material. In most cases, the material is trapped in between the blades thus making it very difficult for the machine to mulch properly. However, the Spike Counter-Blades arrangement allows for easy of debris or material that have been mulched. Whether you are working in severe conditions such as extremely wet surfaces and wet material, you will never have a problem with debris sticking to the rotors.

Less Wear on Machine

The main contributor to the high rate of wear on mulching equipment is usually the cutter teeth. If the FAE mulcher teeth or mower blades are not cutting swiftly, the machine starts experiencing increased wear. The lack of proper flow of the mulched material is one of the ways that machine efficiency is reduced and thus an increase in the rate of wear. With Spike Counter-Blades, the blades cut swiftly, and the flow of mulched material is good therefore less wear in machine.

Less Fuel Consumption

If you feel that you that FAE mulcher has been consuming too much than it should, consider changing the rotor and the teeth pattern that you are using. Poor efficiency, resulting from low-quality teeth or poor mulching, is usually the leading cause of excessive fuel consumption. With the new FAE mulcher teeth pattern, the machine cuts swiftly, uses less effort to mulch and thus less fuel consumption.

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