4 Indications Your Denis Cimaf Teeth Needs Replacement

4 Indications Your Denis Cimaf Teeth Needs Replacement

4 Indications Your Denis Cimaf Teeth Needs Replacement

While mulching with Denis Cimaf machine, you must always expect that wear parts will need some replacement after using them for a certain period. The most affected parts by the wear and abrasion are the Denis Cimaf teeth. However, the most important thing that you need to know is when it is the best time to make a replacement. That something that most people are unable to identify and they end up accelerating the rate of wear of the entire machine.

The good news is that there are numerous indications that can tell you when it is the right time to make a replacement. In this article, we are doing to look the major indications that can help identify when it is time to make a replacement to you Denis Cimaf mulcher teeth. Check out the following:

Poor performance

This is one of the biggest indications that your Denis Cimaf mulcher needs replacement. If you notice that your mulcher performance is gradually going down and even a repair is not giving much help, then you need to consider the condition of teeth. There are high chances that the teeth have become dull or blunt or they have broken. That could be the reason why the machine performance is reducing the performance of the machine. If that is the case, then you need to consider replacing the Denis Cimaf teeth.

Engine Overheating

In an ideal situation, the engine should not ever heat since the heat generated is usually dispensed instantly by the machine. But the machine is overworking as a result of poor cutting teeth and worn down wear parts. Overheating could be a result of low efficiency and that forces the auger and the prime mover to work extra hard. So if you find that your Denis Cimaf mulcher is overheating, then you need to think of replacing the mulcher teeth.

Wear Line

If you identify wear lines on the teeth, check what could be the problem. The problem is usually caused by high impact and thus gets destroyed. In some cases, such lines could be fixed by welding the line to stop the expansion of the cracks. But id the lines are very to be fixed through welding, then a replacement of Denis Cimaf teeth would be the only way out.

Increased Fuel Consumption

Some operators including the newbies so not know that the increased fuel consumption is a result of poor wear parts. In an ideal condition, fuel consumption should be moderate. If you notice the machine is consuming more fuel than before while the soil condition has not changed, it could be an indication that needs to replace your Denis Cimaf teeth.

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