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Blade Knife for Denis cimaf
Blade Knife for Denis cimaf
Teeth Hammer for Ahwi Mulecher
Teeth Hammer for Ahwi Mulecher
Replacement Teeth for Fecon Mulcher
Replacement Teeth for Fecon Mulcher
Flail Mower Hammer Blades for Berti
Flail Mower Hammer Blades for Berti
Teeth Hammer for FAE
Teeth Hammer for FAE
Flail Hammer for Seppi Mulcher
Flail Hammer for Seppi Mulcher
Reveresible Hammer Tooth For Bradco attachments
Reveresible Hammer Tooth For Bradco attachments
Aftermarket Teeth for Plaisance Mulcher
Aftermarket Teeth for Plaisance Mulcher

Carbide Mulcher Teeth (CMT)

Carbide fixed replacement teeth and blade mower hammer for FAE, FECON, SEPPI M,AHWI, DENIS CIMAF-GYRO TRAC, PLAISANCE, BRADCO, LOFTNESS and TMC CANCELA
At Carbide Mulcher Teeth (CMT) we are world leaders in designing and manufacturing an unrivaled range of forestry mulcher replacement teeth. For years, we have been offering cutting edge and innovative solutions to land clearing through our products. All our mulching teeth tips are made from the highest grade of carbide material giving them superior quality over the competition. Our products come high resistance to wear and abrasion properties thus the ultimate option for extreme conditions.
Whether you own a Denis Cimaf, Bobcat, Bradco, Fae, Fecon,Gyro trac, TMC Cancela, Seppi M. or Ahwi own and Magnum Loftness amongst other land clearing equipment, CMT has all your wear parts needs covered. Our carbide teeth are highly compatible and can fit a range of major brands. In our factory, we produce wear parts for a range of forestry mulchers, flail mowers, stone crushers, bull hogs and brush cutters amongst other land clearing equipment. We are always ready to supply wear parts with highest cost performance.

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Provide hot forging, cold forging, CNC machining center, hard alloy brazing and hard alloy particle surfacing for external processing services

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Price, quality and service are always the main factors in choosing suppliers. We are committed to creating higher value for our customers.

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Standardization of product quality, controllable production process and more effective elimination of all unreasonable phenomena in production are the goals of our efforts

How To Choose Mulcher Teeth?

The importance of the forestry mulchers cannot be underestimated when it comes to the land clearing. These pieces of equipment are crucial, especially while clearing thick foliage such as forests. However, the quality of mulcher teeth is critical to its performance and overall productivity.

Mulcher teeth are the main cutting wear parts that do the actual mulching the vegetation. They work by shredding vegetation, including trees limbs, into smaller particles for land preparations. In fact, a mulcher can reduce a forest into bare land within a matter of minutes. Depending on the size of the machine, mulchers can be used to clear a range of foliage from brushes to larger trees. Mulcher teeth are fitted on the mulcher attachment and come in different patterns depends upon the manufacturer. For instance, FAE mulcher teeth pattern may differ with the Denis Cimaf teeth patter. However, there is a very slight difference or none in terms of performance and productivity between the different mulcher teeth patterns.

Mulcher teeth are initially bought with the new machine but with time, they are affected by wear and tear. Consequently, the productivity and the performance of the machine will start deteriorating.  In most cases, the main issue with mulching teeth is usually the breaking and dulling of the tip. With the tip gone or broken, it becomes very difficult for the machine to work and thus the reduction in productivity. That is why teeth replacement is critical for the constant performance of the machine.

However, to decide the kind of replacement teeth your machine, there are various factors that must be taken into account. First, it is always recommended that you take into account the brand of the equipment you are using. That will help you find the perfect teeth for the machine. For instance, if you are operating a Fecon machine, then it is recommended that you get the original or OEM Fecon teeth or compatible tools. Similarly, you may need FAE mulcher teeth, Loftness Mulcher teeth, Kingkong tools, Rayco teeth and Bradco mulcher teeth amongst others depending on the brand you are using. So, if you are replacing your teeth, then CMT teeth or certified compatible teeth is the perfect option. That is one way that you can never go wrong while shopping for wear parts.

Second, you must go for quality. With the market experiencing infiltration of low quality and counterfeit products, it is can be a little bit difficult to get the right quality of mulcher teeth. However, it is not difficult to tell the quality of forestry mulcher teeth. The most important aspect to look out for is the grade of the material used. The most recommended materials for the forestry mulcher teeth tip is tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide material is known for its high resistance to abrasiveness, high tensile and high resistance to wear making it perfect for extreme conditions. It is these properties that make carbide teeth popular.

The material used for the construction of the teeth body is critical as well. The highest grade of steel alloy is highly recommended since it can withstand intense pressure and the massive heat generated during mulching. The steel material is also known for its high resistance to wear and high impact resistance properties. With the combination of the two materials, then you will have one of the best quality forestry mulcher teeth. In addition, you must ensure that the best welding technique has been used to join the two parts of the teeth (carbide tip and the steel body). Brazing technology is the most recommended welding technology for joining the teeth parts.

If you are looking for mulcher teeth replacement, CMT is here to supply wear parts with the highest cost performance. We have our own factory where we manufacture and supply high-quality industrial tools including mulching teeth. Our carbide teeth are compatible with all the major brands in the market. So, whether you are for looking King Kong teeth, Quadco teeth, Denis Cimaf teeth, FAE mulcher teeth, Vermeer teeth or Rayco teeth, we are the solution to all your teeth needs. We have our own factory and that is how we have been able to control the quality of our wear right from the material and production processes.

At CMT quality is supreme and never compromised. Our machine wear parts are relatively cheap but of unrivaled quality. You can visit our factory and purchase products a wholesaler. We produce for a range of brands and thus all industrial tools your needs are covered.

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