Tips for Choosing FAE Mulcher Vehicle

Tips for Choosing FAE Mulcher Vehicle

While working with FAE mulchers, there are different choices of vehicles you choose for attachment is crucial. But selecting the right depends on various factors. First is the type of job that you intend to do with the machine. Second is the nature of the land where the intended work is. There are three main types of FAE vehicles that you can choose from – skid steers, excavator, and tracked vehicles. For the newbies, choosing between the available can be a little bit tricky. In this article, we are going to discuss these three types of vehicles and where they excel most.

FAE Skid Steer

Skid steers are most popular with simple tasks such as clearing weed and grass around your compound. In most cases, they skid steers excels most as low horsepower machines.  So if you are a starter and your primary purpose is to mulch grass and weeds around your place, this would be a perfect choice. These vehicles are also popular with clearing fields such as golf courses, forest paths, and green urban areas. But there are special skid steer vehicles with high horsepower that can work well in clearing thick foliage. Such skid steers are exceptionally great for clearing dense foliage such as tree limbs. They can also support a vast range of FAE mulcher heads.

FAE Tractor Mulcher

FAE tractor driven mulchers are commonly by many as known as the PTO driven mulcher. They are mostly popular in the agricultural sector where they are mostly used in land preparation. One thing that makes FAE tractor driven mulcher popular is their ease of use. You just need to hitch a Fae mulcher head to the tractor, and you are ready to start with clearing activities. These mulchers are also very powerful compared to their skid steer counterparts. These mulchers are also extremely versatile in that they support different sizes of FAE mulcher heads. These vehicles are popular with farmers due to their versatility.

Excavator Vehicles

Well, this is another vehicle that is popular with commercial contractors. Although they are not as popular as the tractor and skid steer, they are the best choice for special cases.  Due to their flexibility, they excel extreme well in conditions such as steep areas. Excavators are also great for clearing thick foliage and mostly clearing tick forests for construction work. FAE excavators are also extremely vast in that they can support different sizes of FAE forestry mulchers.

Tips for Buying a Refurbished Fecon Forestry Mulcher

Tips for Buying a Refurbished Fecon Forestry Mulcher

If you don’t have a budget to buy a new Fecon forestry mulcher, refurbished one would be an excellent option. Although they technically qualify as second-hand mulchers, their quality is far much better.  What makes them slightly different is the reassembling and replacement of worn out wear parts. That’s why they appear newer than their counterparts. They are somewhat expensive than second-hand mulchers but of good quality. If you are considering buying a refurbished Fecon mulcher, these tips will get you the best deal.

Get the Actual Age of the Mulcher

Refurbished Fecon forestry mulchers may appear new thus making it difficult to discern the exact age. In most cases, the dealers repaint the equipment giving it an entirely new face. This makes it difficult, especially for the new buyer to tell the actual age of the machine with just a look. The risk of buying a very old mulcher is that it may not serve you long as you expect. Ask for the original document of the equipment before you can start with the transaction or even with the negotiation. Such information will give you an idea of the possible pricing of the equipment.


Note that no refurbished Fecon for sale has a fixed rate. Quotes are valuable, but this depends on various factors such as the age and the extent of refurbishment. However, dealers also matter a lot when it comes to pricing. Some may be quoting high just because of the name while low prices could be a show poor quality. So if they quote a price, it is good to ask the reason for that quote. It is also advisable that you equate yourself adequately with information regarding the market prices. Let them know you what you are saying, or otherwise, they will manipulate your ignorance.

Quality of mulcher Teeth

One of the essential tools for any mulcher is the teeth. They do the actual cutting work, and that’s why you need to check their quality before making a purchase.  Although there are Fecon mulcher teeth for sale on the market, it’s wise to buy a wholly renewed machine. Make sure that the Fecon mulcher teeth replaced during replacement are made from tungsten carbide. These are the types of teeth that will services efficiently and for longer. If the teeth are not new, ensure that they are in excellent condition. Will the teeth work efficiently for the planned work? You need to ask yourself the questions.

Features to Look For in Brush Mulchers

Features to Look For in Brush Mulchers

If you are in the agricultural sector, mulching is one critical stage in land preparations. But there are different types of mulching altogether. That’s the reason why you will find various types forestry mulchers in the market for different tasks. For instance, if you like FAE products, you’ll see that the company offers a vast range of mulchers each excelling in specific areas. One of the most known of the FAE forestry mulchers is the brush mulchers. These are unique mulchers excels in land preparations such as reseeding and reducing weed. But what should you look out in a FAE brush mulcher to get the best out of it? These are key features to look out for:

The size of the Attachment

The size of the attachment has been a critical feature to look out for in a FAE forestry mulcher. But the size of the head is substantially determined by the size of the vehicle. If your skid steer or tractor is powerful enough to support heavy attachments, then you can select a vast range of heads. Note that FAE mulcher heads come in different sizes with each excelling in different conditions. However, if you have a small skid steer, then you can opt for the available small FAE mulcher head that work excellently for lighter tasks such as leveling the fields.

Type and size of Mulcher Teeth

When it comes to mulching, the type and the size of the teeth are two factors that you need to take. For the FAE brush mulchers, there are different types of teeth depending on the intended use. They are mostly categorized based on the material they are made. For better results, carbide products give the best results at any time.  But make sure that you’ve selected tungsten carbide due to its incredible properties. The size of the teeth is also crucial, but factors such as the type land should determine it. There are different sizes of FAE mulcher teeth for sale out there, and all you need is select the right one for the job.


The capacity or the size of the brush mulcher is a critical feature to look out for. But the capacity is dependent on the type of type of task. What is the capacity and type of vehicle are you using? Well, this is also a crucial factor to consider while selecting a FAE brush mulcher.  If you are working on a difficult task, then go for a higher rated horsepower brush mulcher.  But if you will be working a variety of tasks, then having a FAE mulcher head of higher capacity is recommended. This kind of machine can help you hand a vast range of tasks down the ladder.

Mistakes Causing Quick Wear and Tear of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Mistakes Causing Quick Wear and Tear of Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Fecon Forestry mulchers are indisputably some of the best foliage clearing equipment in the market. These are the type of machine that can clear any vegetation within no time when in excellent condition. But just any other machine, mulchers are prone to wear and tear. But some of wear and tear is contributed by the operator’s mistake. Unfortunately, most people do not realise that they are contributing to the quick wear and tear of their equipment. For that matter, we’re analysing the common mistakes that could be the cause of wear and tear of your Fecon mulcher.

Poor Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the major problems that most people are struggling with. A good number of Fecon mulcher owners do not repair their equipment as advised by the manufacturer manual. As long as the machine is operating, they will comfortably skip the maintenance. What does this does to the machine? Well, the basic idea of having regular maintenance is to correct any faulty parts of the machine. That’s how your mulcher can prolong their lifespan. Failure to observe maintenance routine promotes the deterioration of the machine little by little. Before you know, the machine is breaking down.


Mulchers have limits which they can operate. That’s why the capacity of the machine is indicated by buying. So what’s the horsepower rating of your Fecon mulcher? How much can it handle? These are a question that you need to get answers to. If the machine can handle a particular amount load, then you should avoid surpassing it. Unfortunately, most operators do not observe this rule. They end up overworking the machine on tougher tasks that significantly increase wear and tear. In most cases, Fecon mulcher teeth suffer the most. So do not a grass cutter to clear tough foliage or tree limbs.

Untrained Operator

How well trained and experienced is the operator? This is another factor that could be causing a high rate of wear and tear. Operating a mulcher is more than just igniting the engine and clearing the foliage or vegetation. A lot of skills are needed to ensure that the machine is also protected. A poor operator could be the reason why you are having problems with your equipment. In most cases, Fecon mulcher teeth are the most affected when a poor operator is handling you mulcher. So if you are the one operating the machine, get proper training. If you are hiring, get a professional mulcher operator.

Hydraulic Vs. PTO Forestry Mulchers

Hydraulic Vs. PTO Forestry Mulchers

What type of FAE mulching equipment do you prefer? Well, hydraulic and PTO mulchers are the two most common types of mulchers from this brand. Whereas both models are configured for mulching purposes, they are very different in most aspects. But at the same time, each model excels in different conditions. For those using fae mulchers, what the main differences and similarities between the two models?  In this article, we are going to look at the differences and similarities between the types of mulchers.

Choice Attachment

The choice of attachment or the vehicle used is one of the most striking differences the two models. For the PTO mulchers, they are mostly attached to the tractors and the skid steers.  Since most of PTOs mulches simple foliage, the choices of vehicles work very well for them.  Once the attachment hitches on the tractor, they are ready for work. There are minor adjustments if any of the equipment while working. As for the hydraulic mulchers, they are mostly in clearing thick foliage such as forests. Under such conditions, they require a lot of flexibility, and that is why they are mostly excavator driven. An excavator can reach a larger area with minimal movement.


When it comes to the application these two types FAE forestry mulchers are totally different. For instance, the PTO mulchers excel best on flat terrain. Once they hitched onto the tractor or skid steer, they are somehow rigid, and the can only move up and down. That is what makes them practically impossible in operate on slope areas. As for the hydraulic system, they are incredibly flexible when it comes to application. They do very well on any terrain- whether sloppy or even. The excavator allows the operator to move the FAE mulcher head up and down and also at 360 degrees. Tracked excavators are also the best choice for wet conditions.


Tooling is one of the areas that both machines share common similarities. It’s important to note that apart from the vehicles, and the application, the result is the same.  The type of Fae mulcher teeth the two machines use is the same. Just like most of the FAE machines, the mulchers comes with carbide teeth. But the type of carbide used in making the teeth depends on the kind of work. Always go for tungsten type if you are buying either of the two. The material has best properties for any mulching.


What to Look for in FAE Land Clearing Machines

What to Look for in FAE Land Clearing Machines

Over the years, FAE Company has provided us with a vast range of land clearing machines. In fact, buyers are spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a forestry mulcher, Fae grinder or any other land clearing equipment, there is plenty to choose from FAE. But what should be your guide while buying? Well, in this article are going to look at some of the things that you should look for in an FAE machine.


How much work can the machine handle? Well, this should be the first question even before you picking a machine. Any machine has a rating on how much it can handle based on its horsepower. For instance, if you are buying an FAE forestry mulcher head or attachment, check the weight that the tractor or skid steer can handle. If you buy a 13ton mulcher attachment and your vehicle can only support 15ton, then you will have a problem. Similarly, if you are buying a tractor, it should have the capacity to lift the attachment. So the power of the equipment is an essential factor to look out for.

Quality of Cutting tools

For any land clearing machine, the quality of cutting tools is paramount. And when we say cutting tools, we mean the teeth. One gross mistake that you can make is buying a machine with poor quality teeth. That means you may go back to the market soon and that’s an unnecessary cost. Fortunately, FAE machines come with some of the best teeth in the market. If you need mulching equipment, FAE mulcher teeth are just what you need. FAE products come with carbide teeth which are the most recommended in the market. So make sure the type of carbide used in making the teeth is tungsten if you will be working on tough tasks. The same case goes for FAE grinders and other cutting machines.

The Age

The reason why we have included the age factor on this list is to accommodate the refurbished machines. For the new equipment, age doesn’t matter, but for those interested in refurbished machines, it does. For anyone investing in an FAE grinder or mulcher, the idea is to have it serve you for the longest possible. But if you end up buying an old machine, it means that the lifespan is already reduced. So go for a land clearing machine that’s relatively new for you to get value for money. Check how many hours the machine has covered- it could be relatively but overworked.

Tips for Choosing Fecon Mulching Head

Tips for Choosing Fecon Mulching Head

For proper mulching, you must have the right mulching head. The term ‘right’ is relative, and there are a number factors that to consider while defining it in this context. Note that mulcher head is the largest single tool in a mulcher that also holds cutting teeth. Its quality matters a lot if the machine is to operate at peak performance. So if you want to buy a Fecon mulching head, what should you look out for? Well, this article will discuss essential factors that you need to look for in a mulcher attachment. Here are tips for buying a Fecon mulching head:

Refurbished/New Mulcher Head

These are two good options to choose from.  If you don’t have a budget, then a refurbished option type is a perfect choice. Unlike the second-hand heads, refurbished mulching heads are renewed by replacing all the faulty and old wear parts. Such replacements include the teeth holders and cutting teeth. Although these mulching heads are lesser in quality compared to the brand new, they are of better quality. But if you have the budget, there are numerous types of Fecon forestry mulcher for sale to choose from. But ensure that you have selected an attachment that will work efficiently.

Size of the Mulcher Head

If you already have a tractor or the skid steer, then you need to have the actual size that fits into it. Do not make a mistake of going shopping without the correct measurements. If you are conversant with the technical aspect of the equipment, ask for expert help. The kind of work will also determine the size of mulcher head. If you are to mulch brushes, thick foliage and tree limbs, then you will need a power mulching head. Such factors will also determine the size of the teeth fitted on the head.

Quality of the teeth

You may have the best attachment but miss out on the quality teeth. Note that there are numerous types of Fecon mulcher teeth. Most of the new buyers usually fail to find out the kind of the teeth fitted on the attachment.  Tungsten carbide is the best material for Fecon teeth. The material makes exceptionally sharp, hard and wears resistant teeth that will last for long.  If the attachment is already fitted with carbide, it’s important to check the condition, especially for refurbished mulcher. Although there are numerous types of Fecon teeth for sale, buy a  fully renewed head.

Facts about Hydraulic FAE Forestry Mulcher

Facts about Hydraulic FAE Forestry Mulcher

Hydraulic forestry mulchers are rare but very efficient equipment for harsh conditions. With their incredible configurations, they provide fantastic driveline options and cutting tools combination. Although they are not that popular, they can make an excellent choice for some extreme conditions. One thing that you will note about these mulchers is some degree of complexity. They cannot compare to their counterparts. Unlike the PTO driven mulchers, hydraulic models are a little bit challenging for newbies. But what facts should you know about hydraulic mulchers? Well, here are crucial facts you should know.

Mostly hitched on Excavators

Most of the FAE hydraulic forestry mulchers make use of excavators as the primary vehicle. This due to the reason that most tasks that they handle require a lot of flexibility which can only an excavator can provide.  In fact, among the main vehicles mulchers are attached to, excavator provides the best flexibility. They can quickly change direction; can be on slopes or wetlands amongst many other advantages. They can also support a vast range of attachment depending on the needed size. That fact that you can choose either a wheeled or tracked prime movers gives the user even more flexibility with an excavator.

Extremely Powerful

One of the benefits of the FAE hydraulic forestry mulchers is that they are beasts at work. They are extremely powerful. In fact, you can get a system that is up to 600hp. That’s why they are good with tasks that are extremely difficult such as clearing thick foliage such as the tree limbs. Note that the use of speed torque optimization (STO), which is an automatic feature, has also improved these models’ performance. STO feature enables the machine to adjust motor displacement, and change torque automatically according to the task. The STO feature allows the FAE hydraulic forestry mulchers to work in both light and tough conditions.

Requires high level of Skills

Unlike most of the mulchers, hydraulic models require high-level skills on the part of the operator. The fact most of these mulchers are excavator driven means that you need a trained excavator operator. We all know that this is one of the equipment that not anyone can handle. But with technology improvements, these pieces of equipment are becoming user-friendly. But high-level skills remain a critical requirement to mulch correctly. If you want to operate a FAE hydraulic mulcher, you must be ready to take few classes. Otherwise, you will need to hire a professional hydraulic forestry mulcher operator to do the work for you.

Features To Look for in a Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Features To Look for in a Fecon Mulcher Teeth

When it comes to mulching, two factors significantly determine your mulching machine’s effectiveness- the teeth and capacity. While capacity is all about the horsepower rating of the machine, teeth determine mulchers cutting ability. As the primary tool that does the actual cutting work, they play an essential part in any mulching equipment including Fecon forestry mulchers. So what should you look for in Fecon mulcher teeth? Here are key features to look out for:


The material making the Fecon mulcher teeth is one of the significant features that you need to look out for. Mulcher teeth are made from different types of materials depending on their use. Some teeth excel in clearing soft foliage and others for hard conditions. Amid all these types of materials, carbide teeth are the best to invest in. They are not only long lasting but also keep sharpness for a longer time. It’s also important to note there are several type carbide materials on the market. The best type is the tungsten carbide material since it is the highest grade of the carbide materials. You will find that most of the teeth are labelled carbide but confirm that is tungsten and not any other carbide.

Size of the Teeth

The size of Fecon mulcher cutting teeth is determined by different factors such as the type of job.  If you are mulching soft foliage, then you may not need such big teeth. However, if you will be mulching thick foliage, such as tree limbs, then you strong teeth that that can handle such conditions.  For the Fecon mulcher teeth, there are numerous sizes for specific tasks. Just make sure that you have chosen the right size for the job. If you are having a problem with selecting the right teeth, ask for expert advice.


The condition of mulcher teeth is crucial feature to look for especially if you are buying a refurbished machine. In some cases, the dealer may fail to replace the old teeth with new ones. What this does is that it lowers the lifespan of the teeth which have already used. However, in some cases, the quality of teeth may not be in that bad condition.  It is easy to tell whether the teeth are in excellent condition or not. Just check if the rip is blunt or presence of wear lines. For first time buyers, these are simple ways to tell if the teeth will serve you long enough or not.


Guide to Buying the Right Fecon Forestry Mulcher

Guide to Buying the Right Fecon Forestry Mulcher

If you are planning to buy a new or second hand Fecon forestry mulcher, you’ve to be very smart. Otherwise, you may not get good returns on Investment (ROI). Although the Fecon Company has built an impeccable reputation for the quality of their mulching equipment, not every Fecon forestry mulcher for sale will work for you. There is more that goes into buying a forestry mulcher than just paying and taking the equipment home. Here are essential tips that can help you choose the right Fecon forestry mulcher.


This is a basic tip that any buyer should have at their fingertips. Performance is all about the capacity of the equipment to handle the intended work. Fecon mulchers are available in different sizes depending on the horsepower. You will find small machines for mulching grass and weeds around your home compound and heavyweight mulchers for clearing thick foliage and tree limbs. Depending on the kind work you intend to use the equipment for, choose a horsepower rating that will handle it with a lot of ease. The company has a vast collection of mulchers capacities to choose from. I’d recommend slightly higher horsepower.

The Age

If you are buying a used Fecon forestry mulcher, the age of the machine is a crucial factor to consider. You don’t want to buy obsolete piece equipment in the name of forestry mulcher only for it to break down few months down the line. The age of the machine will tell you how long the machine has been used. I would recommend that you avoid anything that is beyond three years of age if you wan to get value for money. If money is the problem, a refurbished Fecon forestry mulcher would cost you less and offer better services. However, you need to choose carefully.

Underfoot Condition

Even if get the size of the mulching equipment right, you may miss out on the ground condition. The nature of the land is a significant determining factor while opting for a mulcher. If the ground is rocky, soft, or frozen, it requires a mulcher type that excels best under such conditions. That is why it is important to put this factor into consideration. It will also help you to determine the kind of Fecon mulcher teeth you’ll need to handle the work efficiently. What if you will be using the machine on sloppy and marshy grounds? You should consider the kind of wheels to use on the machine.